Russian «kinda», «sorta» and «like»

I hate fillers. Everybody does. But we kind of don’t care. It became like natural, sort of invisible. We learned to filter them out as we hear people speak, but once you really noticed them in a conversation — it’s done, they’re going to chase you until you kind of die from internal linguistic bleeding (distinctive cause of death of grammar nazis and those who support the movement).

Probably, the most commonly used filler word in Russian is «типа» and it means «kind of» or «sort of». «Тип» has the same roots as English «type», so if taken literally, it means «of the type».

— Что это за штука? Дилдо?
— Ага, типа.
— И зачем он тебе нужен?
— Ну, я теперь, типа, bi-curious.

— What is thing thing? A dildo?
— Yeah, sort of.
— And why do you need it?
— Well, now I am kind of bi-curious.

There is another one similar to «типа» — «как бы».

— Я все понял. Как бы…
— I understood it all. Kinda…